I have been a hot sauce fan for 25 years.  Over the past 10 years, I have bought and tried hot sauces from all over the US and the Caribbean.  I tried Bryner's Best several years ago, and WHAT AN AWESOME FIND, AND IT IS MADE CLOSE TO HOME HERE IN WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA.  I have had at least 1 bottle of Bryner's Best in my refrigerator since.  On several occasions I have told Mr Bryner that his Bryner's best "is truly a hot sauce for all occasions".  Our family enjoys the sweet flavor and tang of Bryner's Best, and I have used it on beef, chicken, ribs, venison, in all crock pot recipies, soups, stews, marinades, eggs, and even a few drops to add zest to  vegetables.    I recently tried Momma's Mild, and this is a wonderful sweet-mild sauce with a little bite, and a hot sauce that will appeal to everyone, even non-hot sauce fans.  We dig Bryner's !!  Terry Onufer - Mars, Pa.


....your friends sauce (Bryners Simply Habenero) is just hot and the new taste for me and my family.  But I like them a lot, very good favor and thank you for bringing over from the USA. Look forward to trying the mild and classic when you can send.  thank you - Sasa    Markovic Sasa,  Belgrade Serbia


 I am a hot sauce fanatic......and this is my favorite "eat everyday" kind of hot sauce.   I am always happy with the taste, and it goes well on sandwiches, eggs, or I flavor my pot roasts with it!   It spices it up nicely, and the vinegar in it helps to moisten the meat.....I LOVE THIS STUFF!.....Shawna Erskine


Bryner’s Classics Hot sauce, the BEST ever!

Besides the excellent taste, the greatest part of using Bryner’s is knowing that true love goes into every batch. Using their own homegrown peppers and recipe, this family puts out a quality product that never disappoints, even the most discriminating enthusiasts. I’m proud of the fact that I can buy a fresh, locally grown and produced product that tops the largest, national brands. I’ll never use anything else. Thank you, Bruce and Family!


Mars, PA


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